TV & Movie Character

TV & Movie Character

Whitney Houston – Queen Of The Night from The Bodyguard

John Waters Female Trouble

Ruth Patchett She-Devil

Mary Fisher She Devil

The Nanny Fran Fine Animal Print

Shock Treatment

Love Boat Lovers


Children Of The Damned

Alfred Hitchcock – The Birds

Midsommar – Dani and the Bear

Daddys Little Monster – Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad

20s Ivory Elegance Jay Gatsby

Leprechaun 90s Movie

Snow White – Plus

Grim Reaper

Wednesday Addams Prom Dress – Plus

Cinderella – Plus

Ron Burgundy Anchorman

1960s The Avengers Emma Peel

Bridgerton Belle Of The Ball

Puck Midsummer Nights Dream

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Penn and Teller Magicians

Doctor Anatomy Scrubs

Pippi Longstocking Bookweek Icon

Redpill Matrix Lady 90’s PVC Trenchcoat

Mad Maxine Post Apocalyptic Warrior

The Nanny Faux Moschino Tartan Set

Prue and Trude – Kath and Kim

Uncle Fester and Debbie – Addams Family Values

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial

Mommie Dearest Aka Joan Crawford

1980s Strike a Pose Vogue – Paris is Burning

Liberace Behind the Candelabra

Captain Hook Pirate Ladies – Disney

James Bond Girl

1990s – Coneheads

Gilligans Island- Mr & Mrs Howell

Medieval Real Chainmail Knight