Celebrity & Icon

Celebrity & Icon

Sexty Shane Warne

Club Kid Cone Bra Dancer

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

The Nanny Faux Moschino Tartan Set

Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket

Mommie Dearest Aka Joan Crawford

Freddie Mercury Diamond Jumpsuit

The Whiskey a Go Go Dancer

1980s Strike a Pose Vogue – Paris is Burning

Liberace Behind the Candelabra

James Bond Girl

1990s – Coneheads

Britney Spears Circus Ringmaster

18th Century Louis – Palace of Versailles

Toddlers and Tiaras

1980s Solid Gold Dancer

Clueless McDonalds Mash up

Cruella Fur Winter Ball Coat

Sesame streets Bert and Ernie

Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar Horror

Rose McGowan 1998 MTV VMA Dress

Marilyn Manson 1990’s VMA Suit

Rose McGowan Marilyn Manson 90’s VMA Red Carpet

Carole Baskin Tiger King

Joe Exotic Tiger King

Paris Hilton 1990’s Celebrity

Aqua Barbie Girl 1990’s Couple

Britney Spears Slave 4 U and Snake

Zoolander Derek and Hansel Couple

Nina Hagen 1980s Musician

Britney Spears You Drive Me Crazy Diner Girl

Pat Benatar Love is a Battlefield 1980s musician

Child Beauty Pageant Star

Vivienne Westwood 80’s Punk Icon

Nancy Sinatra 60’s Boots

Dusty Springfield

B-52’s Love Shack Kate and Cindy

Bruce Lee Game of Death

Joan of Arc Historical Icon

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Notorious RBG