80s Neon Workout Leotard

Apre Ski Suit

80s TV Morning Show Workout

80s Retro Tracksuit

Jane Fonda 80s Aerobics

Lets Get Physical Workout Costume

Nikki Webster 2000s Olympics

Vintage American Marching Band

Green Velvet Marching Band

Sexty Shane Warne

Let’s Get Physical 1980’s Aerobics

Sexy Devil Halloween Cheerleader

Hey Mickey 1980’s Cheerleader

Neon 80s Skier Costume, Adult

1950s Grease Bowling Alley Babe Adult Costume

1920s Golfer Adult Costume

Tonya Harding ’80’s Figure Skater

Sharon from Kath and Kim

John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg adult costume


The Mega Powers & Miss Elizabeth 80s Wresting Costume, Adult

Randy Macho Man Savage 80s Wrestler Costume, Adult

The Stig Top Gear Costume, Adult

American Footballer Uniform

Old School Golfer Adult Costume #3

Old School Golfer Adult Costume #2

Nerdy Cheerleader Uniform

Evel Knievel Adult Costume

Snow Bunny 80’s Ski Onesie

Race Car Driver Adult Costume #1

Blades of Glory Adult Costume

Old School Golfer Adult Costume #1

Safari Hunter

Surfer Shark Bait Adult Costume

Jockey Adult Costume #1

Boxer Adult Costume

Jamaican Boblsed Team Adult Costume

Dancer Adult Costume

Cathy Freeman Olympic Jumpsuit

1980s Womens Aerobics OZ Style