Hair Metal Rockers

Diana Ross

John Waters Female Trouble

Disco Goddess

Love Boat Lovers

Karen and Richard Carpenter

Purple People Eater Glamrocker

Studio 54 Metallic Maverick

Funkadelic Band

Groove Master Rock Star Jumpsuit

Divine Disco Delight

Ron Burgundy Anchorman

Cher Red Sequin Jumpsuit

Mob Boss 1970 New Yorker

Studio 54 Disco Busboy

Joan Didioff 70’s Womens Safari Suit

Freddie Mercury Diamond Jumpsuit

1980s Strike a Pose Vogue – Paris is Burning

1980s Solid Gold Dancer

Sesame streets Bert and Ernie

Green Dancing Machine Mens Disco Jumpsuit

The Argyle Prince ’70’s Jumpsuit

Bruce Lee Game of Death

Bjorn in the 70s Mens Turtleneck

Denim Darren 70s Three Piece Suit

Mick Fleetwood 70s Rock Star

Riff Raff and Magenta Space Suit Rocky Horror

Wicker Man Pagan Witch

Squeaky Fromme 70s Manson Gang

Wicker Man 70’s Cult Movie – The Salmon of Knowledge

Studio 54 Sequined Disco Dancers

Willy Wonka Classic Adult Costume

1970s retro women’s jumpsuit costume, adult

1970s Creamy Christopher Adult Costume

Sequin Sue – Disco Adult Costume

Lime Green Larry Adult Costume

Disco Debbie Adult Costume

American Hustle 1970s Silver Sequin Dress

1970s Disco Dancing Derek Adult Costume

1970s SIlver super star adult costume