Costume Hire Terms & Conditions

All customers acknowledge that once they have signed the invoice document it becomes a legally binding contract and confirms that you the customer have read all Snog The Frog T&C’s as per the invoice and as listed in full throughout the store and at

1. Costumes must be returned by the due date or an additional charge of $15 will be charged per day per costume.

2. Customers will not attempt to clean or alter costumes at any time without prior written consent from Snog the Frog.

3. Damaged or excessively dirty costume items will incur a cleaning and/or repair penalty. The condition of all costume items are cross-checked by the customer and a Snog the Frog staff member prior to signing the contract.

4. Costume items that are lost, stolen or misplaced will require the customer to pay the full replacement cost of the costume item.

5. Snog the Frog holds no responsibility for customers who have accidents, incur injury or death due to the hiring or wearing of hired/purchased costume items.

6. Customers agree the signed and authorised hire bond can be charged, effective immediately, if any of the costume items are returned late, excessively dirty, damaged, lost, stolen and or misplaced. The customer signing the invoice contract is 100% liable and responsible for all costume items listed on the invoice contract. These costs can include the full cleaning, repair and or replacement cost of the costume items listed on the hire contract.

7. Once costume items have been hired and or purchased from Snog the Frog the transaction is final and customers are not eligible for refunds, exchanges or credit notes.

For more detailed information regarding how the costume hire process works, please head to our FAQ section.

Please contact us if further clarification of the terms & conditions are required.

Snog The Frog’s online store terms & conditions:

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