Costume Hire


Neon Festival Devil

Josephine Baker


Oktoberfest Helga Dirndl – Plus

Star Signs Libran

Karen and Richard Carpenter

Children Of The Damned

Alfred Hitchcock – The Birds

Purple People Eater Glamrocker

Tammy Faye Bakker and Jim Bakker Televangelists

Retro Charm Witch – Plus

Grumpy Granny

Midsommar – Dani and the Bear

Ethereal Athena Goddess – Plus

Daddys Little Monster – Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad

20s Ivory Elegance Jay Gatsby

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Drag

Red Riding Hood – Plus

80s New Romantic Glamour

Studio 54 Metallic Maverick

Sexy Nun – Plus

Funkadelic Band

Leprechaun 90s Movie

Rock Groupies

Gatsby Glamour Girl – Plus

Space Odyssey Alien

Groove Master Rock Star Jumpsuit

Snow White – Plus

Grim Reaper

Modern Mystic Witch

Divine Disco Delight

Murder Mystery Medicine Peddler

80s TV Morning Show Workout

Extraterrestrial Explorer

Wednesday Addams Prom Dress – Plus

Cat In The Hat

80s Retro Tracksuit

Vivienne Westwood Clowncore

Cinderella – Plus

Your Galactic Majesty Costume