Burlesque & Musical

Burlesque & Musical

Club Kid Cone Bra Dancer

She’s Just a Devil Woman

Bearded Snake Tickler Circus Freakshow

Uncle Fester and Debbie – Addams Family Values

The Whiskey a Go Go Dancer

1990s – Coneheads

Britney Spears Circus Ringmaster

Australian Convict Couple

1920s Murder Mystery Russian Royalty

Ziegfeld Follies Butterfly

1980s Solid Gold Dancer

Puss in Boots

Circus Tight Rope Ballerina

Harry Potter Professor Severus Snape

Disney Villain Ursula the Sea Witch

Murder Mystery Mae

Cruella de Vil Halloween Diva

Pastel Women’s Carnival Clown

Hell’s Angel

French Doll

Poison Ivy Sequin Dress

Gray Witchcraft

Horoscope Character – Cancer

Britney Spears Slave 4 U and Snake

My Fair Lady Eliza Doolittle

Silver Sequined 20s Flapper Dress

Riff Raff and Magenta Space Suit Rocky Horror

Can-Can Moulin Rouge Dress

Zombie Halloween Retro Air Hostess

Willy Wonka Classic Adult Costume

Secret Garden Hawaiian Festival Flowers

Cats Adult Group

White Russian Circus Ringmaster

Rocky Horror Transylvanians

Tap Dancing Circus Flea Adult costume

Magenta and Columbia – Rocky Horror

Drag Little Bo Peep

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Magenta


Galactic Roman Princess