Festival & Mardi Gras

Festival & Mardi Gras

1980s Solid Gold Dancer

Circus Pony Back Rider

Circus Tight Rope Ballerina

Clueless McDonalds Mash up

Romy and Michele’s 90’s Reunion

The Neon Festival Faun

The Argyle Prince ’70’s Jumpsuit

Pastel Women’s Carnival Clown

Hell’s Angel

Angry Pink Pom Pom Poodle

Devilish Womens Halloween Jumpsuit

The BDSM Halloween Bunny

Hell’s Ringmaster Halloween Devil

Rainbow Festival Clown

Sexy Devil Halloween Cheerleader

Poison Ivy Sequin Dress

Britney Spears Slave 4 U and Snake

Nina Hagen 1980s Musician

Nordic Space Alien

Child Beauty Pageant Star

Dusty Springfield

60’s St Tropez Holiday Vacation

Sixties Mod Silver Go-go Dress

Venice Carnival Plague Doctor

Racy Neon Taxi Driver

Leigh Bowery Neon Drag

Leigh Bowery Polka Dot Tribute

Elle Matador

Stars and Stripes Go-go Jumpsuit

Suede Wild West Cowboy Couple

Black Bareback Cowboy

Green Space Bug

White Western Cowboy

Silver Sequined 20s Flapper Dress

Red Rodeo Cowgirl Group

Space Go-go 60’s Princess

Riff Raff and Magenta Space Suit Rocky Horror

Psychedelic 60’s Space Diva

Festival Cowgirl Group

Gold Coast Meter Maid