Festival & Mardi Gras

Festival & Mardi Gras

Racy Neon Taxi Driver

Leigh Bowery Neon Drag

Leigh Bowery Polka Dot Tribute

Elle Matador

Stars and Stripes Go-go Jumpsuit

Suede Wild West Cowboy Couple

Black Bareback Cowboy

Green Space Bug

White Western Cowboy

Silver Sequined 20s Flapper Dress

Red Rodeo Cowgirl Group

Space Go-go 60’s Princess

Riff Raff and Magenta Space Suit Rocky Horror

Psychedelic 60’s Space Diva

Festival Cowgirl Group

Gold Coast Meter Maid

Can-Can Moulin Rouge Dress

Sydney Opera House

Studio 54 Sequined Disco Dancers

Neon Halloween Nurse

Maleficent Purple Version

Maleficent Long Black Dress

Navy Girls Group Nautical Uniform

Circus Cutie – Womens Clown

Lion Queen Gold Sequin Costume Adult

Beatles – Ringo Starr Sgt. Pepper’s Pink Adult Costume

Kate Miller-Heidke – Eurovision Adult Costume

Sequin Sue – Disco Adult Costume

Circus Performer Adult Costume

1970s Disco Dancing Derek Adult Costume

1970s SIlver super star adult costume

Pink Patty – Studio 54 Adult costume

Laura Space Disco Queen

Flaming Dancefloor Freddy Adult Costume

Pink Flamingos Adult Costume

Maleficent Festival Fairy

Xena & Gabrielle Adult Costume

1960s Barbarella Space Adult Costume

Poseidon Nautical King

Disco Glam Cowboy Adult Costume