Celebrity & Icon

Celebrity & Icon

Elton John and Miss Piggy Muppets

Studio 54 Bianca Jagger & White Horse Couple

Marie Antoinette Adult Costume #7

Saturday Night Fever Tony Manero

Chewbacca – star wars Adult Costume

Monkey Magic & Pigsy Adult Costume

Madonna 80’s Like a Virgin

Charlie Chaplin Adult Costume

Elvis and Priscilla Presley 60’s

B.A. Baracus The A-Team 80s Mr. T

Devo Adult Costume

Osho 80s Rajneesh Cult Leader

Biggles Adult Costume

Leather Man – Village People

Miami Vice 1980s Mens White Suit

Blades of Glory Adult Costume

Freddy Krueger with Makeup Halloween Costume, Adult

Darth Vader – Star Wars Adult Costume #1

Billy Idol 80’s Pop Star

Saddam Hussein Adult Costume

Legally Blonde Elle Woods

Cyndy Lauper 80s Costume, Adult

Princess Grace Kelly

Steve And Terri Irwin Crocodile Hunter

Bowie – Ashes to Ashes Jester Adult Costume

Bowie – Rebel Rebel Adult Costume

Amy Winehouse

Prince 80’s Purple Rain

Disco Girls Abba Jumpsuit Costume

Buddy Holly Adult Costume

Gorilla Adult Costume

Dolly Parton Cowgirl

Dame Edna Everage Costume, Adult

Cleopatra Egyptian Queen Costume #1

Blondie Debbie Harry 1980s musician

Nefertiti Egyptian Goddess

Napoleon Bonaparte Adult Costume #1

Princess Diana 1980s Dress

Olivia Newton John Adult Costume

Ned Kelly Adult Costume